Flood Community Assistance Program at TWDB

The Flood Community Assistance Program (CAP) is provided by TWDB to support communities in performing floodplain management activities.

The goal of this program includes coordinating and providing statewide training and education, conducting consistent outreach in a variety of ways, and providing on-call technical assistance as needed.

The Texas Water Department Board CAP team is partially funded by FEMA’s Community Assistance Program to States State Support Services Element (CAP-SSSE) grant program.

The CAP-SSSE program aims to fully ensure that the flood loss reduction targets of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are met to support affected people, therefore building state and community flood management capacities and communities. State expertise should be leveraged in working with communities.

The Flood Community Assistance Program team also provides disaster recovery assistance to communities in the days and months following disasters to support adequate damage assessment and floodplain qualifying activities. Apart from this, the CAP team also provides flood management expertise and assistance to statewide flood planning activities and other state agencies.

To get assistance from the flood community assistance program, you can visit the TWDB Portal. and Contact us at FLOOD@twdb.texas.gov.

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