How to Set Up PIN of My Florida EBT Card

If you are looking for how to set up pin of my Florida EBT card, This article will guide you through all possible ways for my florida EBT Card PIN set up.

It is important to know the steps to set up a PIN for your Florida EBT card if you have recently received your Florida EBT card. A PIN works like a security password and helps to protect your EBT card. It is a four-digit code, also known as a personal identification number, used to access and use benefits.

Let’s read about the Best ways to set up a PIN for your Florida EBT card.

My Florida EBT Card Pin

Your or the user’s Florida EBT card will be mailed to you once benefits are approved. Your PIN must be activated with that card and will include instructions for setting the PIN required to use your card.

So, before setting your PIN, you need to choose your unique four-digit PIN and save it.

How to Set Up PIN of My Florida EBT Card

There are two ways to set a PIN for Florida EBT card: online and via phone number. please follow the simple steps.

Online PIN Setup

Follow the simple steps to set up your PIN online for Florida EBT Card.

  • Visit the EBT Account Website at
  • In the Cardholder Portal section, register or log in to your account using your EBT card number and personal information.
  • Navigate to the PIN setup or card activation section once you log in.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to choose a four-digit PIN.

Set Up PIN through Phone

Follow the steps to set up your PIN through the customer’s phone number.

  • Call the customer service number at 1-888-356-328. It is a toll-free number available on your EBT card or in the provided documentation.
  • You need to follow the automated prompts and Select the appropriate option to set a new PIN.
  • Enter your EBT card number and some details, such as your DOB or Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Follow the appropriate prompts to select your four-digit PIN.

Once your PIN is set, the Florida EBT card is activated and ready to use. The card must be used at authorized retail locations for eligible purchases or to withdraw cash from ATMs, depending on the specifics of your assistance program.

Conclusion: So, these two steps will help you set up, activate, and generate your Florida EBT Card PIN. You need to keep your PIN safe and never share it with anyone. To learn more about EBT Care, please contact the customer service number.

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