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Christmas and holiday gifts are provided through the free Salvation Army Angel Tree Program, available for the December 2024 season. The Angel Tree program assists children from low-income families. If you are also interested in receiving a Christmas gift under the Salvation Army Angel Tree program, you can find information about the application registration period and deadlines for the Angel Tree program near you below.

Salvation Army Angel Tree Program

Free gifts, toys, clothes, and more are provided to children who participate in this program. The ages of the participants ranged from 0 to 13 years. Although some charities or Salvation Army centers already have age restrictions, seniors 60 and older can also receive assistance from the free Angel Tree program. Salvation Army Angel Tree Program applications are open to unemployed parents, non-paid or disabled people, single moms or dads, and others.

All children dream and fantasize about the wonderful things they find under the tree on Christmas morning. In addition, many senior citizens also need assistance during the holidays, and single mothers also apply for help as gifts from Angel Tree. The Angel Tree program and generous donors and volunteers help deliver Christmas gifts to low-income and working-poor families.

The Angel Tree program is one of the most effective resources that helps hundreds of thousands of children and seniors with gifts of new toys, winter coats, and clothes. Some other gifts as Christmas favors could be books, games, Lego, tablets, or educational materials.

However, the free service depends on donations, so it’s an opportunity for people in their local community to help families and children in need during the holidays and it’s a way for children from low-income families to get the gifts they need at Christmas. resources to which they are entitled

salvation army angel tree program
salvation army angel tree program

2024Angel Tree program application process

Low-income families must formally register and apply for the free Angel Tree program they have. Registration usually starts in September, October, or November 2024.

To qualify, applicants must meet income guidelines established by your Salvation Army local center. The person will need to have a low to moderate income or live in poverty. In general, individuals cannot enroll in more than one service.

During the application process, which your local Salvation Army center sets up, children’s clothing sizes and special needs are determined and noted on the application so that the customer can be provided with only what they need. also, Kids can get free toys, clothes, books, dolls, hats, gloves, and more.

Required document to register a child for the Angel Tree program:

  • A parent or legal guardian photo ID
  • Proof of current address (utility bill, lease, etc.)
  • Proof of all family income (including food stamps)
  • Birth certificate for each child
  • Clothing/shoe sizes and toy suggestions

How to Apply Online

There are thousands of application and registration sites for the Angel Tree program. You can visit the Salvation Army Angel Tree program site at or also find the nearest Salvation Army centers by state and county.

However, Angel Tree is run in partnership with local businesses, schools, charities, or churches, as well as non-profits. You can register or sign up for the 2024 Salvation Army Angel Tree Christmas Gift Program for free.

For more grant assistance, you can visit the portal.

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